Affiliate Program:

To become an affiliate, signup as a member first.

To Join and ask questions? You can call us at 877-513-7772

We are so certain that you will enjoy your experience as an Hi-5 Travel Club member that you will want to tell everyone you know about this awesome program. We want you to be rewarded for your excitement and have created a program to do just that for you.

This is called a referral when another member joins as a result of you sharing and recommending others to Hi-5 Travel Club.

Hi-5 Travel Club understands the importance of High 5 Star Service and treatment for all members, and also understands and appreciates member to member referrals. With that in mind the Hi-5 Travel Club referral/Affiliate program was created. This is our way of showing our appreciation to you our VIP member, and is also a great way for you to earn some extra cash.

We've put in place Two separate programs to meet your needs:

(1) Fundraiser Referral Affiliate Program,which is ideal for churches, non profits, schools, teams and other organizations and businesses looking to raise monies or increase exposure.

(2) Affiliate Program ,this is for the person who is looking to earn some serious cash on a consistent basis. With this option it is possible to match,surpass or replace your current income just by being a full time or part time affiliate partner with Hi-5 Travel Club.

Here's how the Affiliate Program works:

It's simple, Hi-5 Travel Club is super affordable to the masses. A lifetime membership which includes Condo Card, Hotel Card and Cruise Card benefits into one Super Hi-5 Travel card, only costs a one time $499, plus shipping & handling.

*Limited Time Promotion* Join Hi-5 Travel Club Only $199

*Affiliate Commissions will adjust once regular price in activated.

For each person that you refer that becomes a new Hi-5 Travel Club Member you receive a handsome referral commission of $50.

If you refer 10 or more in any calendar month then you will earn an additional $25 per new member.

Here's an example, Let's say that you shared Hi-5 with 10 persons that were as excited as you are about the Club and it's benefits, they join and become a member, you receive $50 per person x 10 and that equals $500.

Now lets say you get excited and continue to share and another 10 persons join Hi-5 Travel Club as your referral, you now earn $75 per referral and now have earned $1500 in referral commissions. Remember 1-10 is $50 each, and magical number 11 changes everything.

Also, you will receive a 10% override on all of your personal members affiliate commissions when they get excited and decide to become an affiliate just like you did. This could very well mean residuals and big bucks for you and your family to enjoy.

Just think about this, when was the last time you told someone about a store, movie, or restaurant and as a result the person you shared with visited and then referred someone else. Also it is quite likely that your referral shared with several others , but that business never rewarded you for spreading the news, even though because of you one person told another and that person told another. Get the picture?

Hi-5 Travel Club is proud to provide you with something you can be proud to tell others about and you and your family can be rewarded greatly. We have what is considered by many as the very best program and product in the industry.

Here's How the Affiliate Fundraiser Program works:

Our affiliate Fundraiser Program is very simple. You will see why so many non profits, churches, and organizations are excited about this simple, exciting and very profitable program.

It's easy as 1-2-3, just like the main Affiliate program your organization will sign up as an Affiliate, and your organization is now armed and ready to begin signing and bringing on New Hi-5 Travel Club members. This membership drive and fund raiser can be done simply by sending persons directly to your affiliate fundraising site, or via forms that can be mailed to our processing center, or you entering in new member details from forms on your affiliate site. Even though the process is very easy, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Your organization will receive $50 for each new member that signs up via your fundraising campaign. In addition, Hi-5 Travel Club will donate 10% back into your organization at the conclusion of your campaign.

Commissions for each program are paid weekly.

Now that you've seen the referral and affiliate programs now it is time for you to decide which program is best for you and start referring right away!

Commissions for each program are paid weekly

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